Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water

Award Winning Water

JSW - Brekeley Springs Awards One litre-02.jpg

We are thrilled and pleased to announce that Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water has won the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting bronze medal for 2018. Jackson Springs Water has continuously placed among the world’s best premium waters and has previously won gold in 2012, and also placed 4th in 2015.

Jackson Springs Water is a premium, natural spring water acquired from a protected company-owned source located in the Manitoba, Canada. 

Jackson Springs Water is 100% natural, featuring a moderate mineral profile as recommended by the World Health Organization.  It has an alkaline pH of 8.1, and is also sodium and fluoride free.

Jackson Springs Water is available on a world-wide basis in our premium, one litre bottle. Our premium one litre bottle has won 3 awards for best packaging and design in the past 18 months at various water tasting competitions around the world.

Jackson Springs Water is bottle fresh in limited batch quantities.

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