Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water is now available in the award winning premium 1.0 litre bottle.  



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Find out why so many are choosing Jackson Springs.

Award Winning Taste


Jackson Springs Water was awarded the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting gold medal for “Best Tasting Water in the World.” Our rich mineral profile provides a fresh taste and outstanding ability to satisfy thirst. 

Jackson Springs Water - Bottle Design Award.png


The award winning taste of Jackson Springs is available worldwide in the exclusively designed one litre bottle. The unique bottle design recently won best packaging and bottle design in North America and China.

Health Benefits

HEalthy hydration 

Jackson Springs is 100% natural spring water with no additives, fluoride or sodium. The water's natural filtration offers a rich mineral profile and alkaline pH of 8.1.

Pristine Untouched Source

Jackson Springs water is sourced from a natural aquifer, over 13,000 years old, secluded in the heart of three protected provincial forests in Manitoba, Canada.

Pristine Source